I stumbled across Tea & Sex Online by accident: I follow the #Open dating app on Instagram (you should too, by the way), and a little over a month ago I saw this post promoting the event featuring a conversation with the co-founder and Director of Communications of the app. Interested to learn more about how people have been using dating apps to connect during the pandemic, I decided to tune in. What I discovered was a thoughtful discussion series that explores multiple facets of sex and sexuality.  

Tea & Sex Online is hosted weekly by the Wilzig Erotic Art Museum (WEAM) based in Miami, Florida. First of all, how cool is it that an erotic art museum exists?! I’m putting a visit on the post-pandemic bucket list, for sure—I mean, who would want to see a giant golden penis sculpture in person? 

What started at the beginning of 2019 as in-person monthly get-togethers at the museum has expanded to weekly live-streams. Each event features a different artist, academic, or sex educator talking about a variety of topics related to human sexuality. The conversations are hosted by WEAM’s Education Director, Melissa Blundell-Osorio, who always comes prepared with intriguing and informative questions. Her genuine curiosity makes the event feel like you’re witnessing a conversation between close friends. 

Over the past five weeks, I’ve tuned in to several of these discussions: with #Open representatives, with adult film star and community activist King Noire, and with drag performer King Femme. Last week, certified sexologist and pleasure coach Tyomi Morgan discussed non-monogamy and gave couples a beginner’s crash course in opening up. These conversations don’t shy away from difficult topics, including race and sexuality, mental health, gender identity, and safety in the world of dating apps. Each of these discussions has been deep, stimulating, and encouraged me to think about an aspect of sexuality I hadn’t considered before.   

I’m disappointed that I didn’t find this series sooner, but luckily there are recordings of previous conversations archived on the Museum’s website. I find it’s hard to come by Zoom events these days that I’m actually excited for, but this series has earned a recurring spot on my calendar—it deserves one on yours too. 

Tune in to the discussion on Thursdays at 9:30 AM PT on Zoom. All talks are free, but donations to each week’s guest are encouraged. You can find upcoming events on the WEAM’s Facebook page and follow the Wilzig Erotic Art Museum on Instagram.

Krista is a writer, dedicated dog-mom, and someone who loves people and organizing gatherings. She helps other people tell their stories working as a coordinator for a graduate creative writing program.

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