Four Couples...

One Polycule...

Countless Stories

When COVID-19 hit, our polycule found itself unsettled. The lack of personal connection, face-time, and intimacy hit all of us hard. We knew we needed each other and we knew we had to maintain our connection—but how?

It’s our stories that bind us...

...our journeys toward entering the poly community; our adventures together; our interactions with each other and partners outside of the polycule. We want to share our stories because there are others like us out there.

We see you.

Poly in Place is the result of eight individuals growing their small, intimate community into an open platform where others can share their stories too.

What began as a response to “shelter in place” has now transformed into an examination of how polyamory is situated in the world at any given moment.

“In place” is no longer just in our homes: it is in our communities, our streets, and our virtual spaces.

We are all together in place right here, right now.

Our hope is that by sharing our own stories, struggles, and victories, we aim to give voices to others like us so they too may find companionship and affirmation beyond physical spaces.

By asking others to share their stories, we hope that they will join our exploration of relationships, sexuality, and intimacy—and how those concepts are shifting for us all in a world that is calling for love now more than ever.

Are you one of us?

Help us grow the positive narratives of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy.

We aren’t relationship experts—just a group of people who believe in the power of shared experience.

We learn so much from each other and we want to learn from you, too. So whether you fancy yourself as an unassuming Reed Bunting or a flamboyant Rainbow Lorikeet, we have room for you here in our nest.

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